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FNTH Scavenger Hunt Rules

FNTH Scavenger Hunt Rules

The scavenger hunt will consist of 5 boxes with a value of $500+ each. The scavenger hunt will be city wide and will use your smart phones navigation through Apple Maps on iOS or Google Maps on Android. Each box will have 3 unique destinations you must find. We recommend that you have a fully charged phone. Participation in the scavenger hunt will include driving, and walking. Some running if more than 1 person happens to arrive at the same time. Play at your own risk. You will definitely get your steps in by the end of the day.

There are 5 boxes so at the top of every hour you have a chance to win one box if you make it to the final location first for that particular box.

Basic Rules

1. Top of every hour starting at 12PM we will post geo coordinates on our IG stories to the first location.

2. Once you arrive at the 2nd location you will need to take a selfie at said location and DM us to get the geo coordinates to the final location where a box will be waiting.

TIP: Each location will be marked with orange flagging tape. The locations are not in plain sight so you will have to navigate to the location pin on foot and closely follow the directions your navigation app is showing you. You will need to be right on top of the location pin most likely to see the orange flagging tape. The first 2 locations for each box will have a prize for whoever arrives first.

Below is the schedule:

Sample Image: Step 1 At 12PM we'll post a image on our IG stories to the first location coordinates.

Step 2: Put the coordinates into your smartphone navigation app and drive to the location pin.

Step 3: Once you find the exact location (marked with orange flagging tape), take a selfie in front of it and DM us, and we will DM you back with the next location coordinates.

Step 4: Find the final location and a box will be waiting for you.

Step 5: Wait for the next posted location on IG stories at the top of the hour and hunt again for the next box!

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