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One & Done Program | Alaskan AF

One & Done Program | Alaskan AF

We all know Alaska is a special place, and part of what makes it so special are the inhabitants of this great state. Some of us are lifelong Alaskans, some came for vacation and never left, and those that migrated here to seek out new adventures. One thing is for sure- we ain't shy about professing our love for home base. Whenever we travel to the states people get all starry-eyed when we tell them where we came from, followed by a slough of questions about whether or not we live in igloos or if it's true that the sun never sets in the summer time. No ya'll. We don't all live in igloos, and the sun does "set" in the summer time- it just doesn't feel like it. This week's #oneanddone is for those that are hardly home, but always reppin for AK. Scoop this one up for the homie that moved away and is homesick, or for yourself on your travels so people know what you're about. To those that have came and went, we know you'll be back. Alaska is something that never leaves you. DM Us your email address, shipping address, T-shirt size and Full name if you wanna purchase this graphic! #oneanddone

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