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Week 3 Winner

Week 3 Winner

Week 3 Winner of our #craftedbytheoutdoors 52 Week Photo Contest is Ian Merculieff. The photo was taken at the Eagle River Nature Center.

Ian Merculieff - My friend and I decided to go to Eagle River Nature Center about a month back to go take some shots. It was mid afternoon, and about 15 degrees at the time. As soon as we get out of our car a few guys who just finished a hike came up to us and asked us if we had any Crampons (shoes for walking on ice) looking down at my Jordan's I kind of laughed and said we did not. He insisted that would not be able to make it even the first 5 minutes of the trail without them and would likely fall the entire way.

Considering we had just drove 45 minutes from Anchorage and had no other ideas for places to shoot we were going to give it a try anyway. Within 15 minutes of careful walking down the first trail we made it to the main clearing where this photo was shot. As I sat there on the ice I kind of just looked at my shoes and the beautiful view we had and smiled. It was a very successful day for us.

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